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 Business Cloud offers a full range of services allowing to support your business needs to ground. Online Backup, sync files across your computers, access your files anywhere through the web and more.All this with maximum security andstate of the art technology. For a more reliable service and security of our client's information, we have redundancy on several locations all over the world.

   For year Small & Medium enterprises use a traditional configuration were a local computer(server) is assign to serve all the other computer(stations). For these companies the website is only brochure in the Internet that cost money and is not a integrated part of the business. As a result, this companies ends with a very expensive system,with a very low end technology, no integration and most for all no ROI. 

Traditional Systems Configuration

The Next Step in Business Technology

With you can forget about 
Buying a Server
Server hardware maintenace expense
Server softwares and Licenses costs
Backing up your server and media cost
Technicians fees  
Systems with


Give your business a fighting change on the most competitive technological market in the history.
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